DID Extreme Expeditions HOLIDAYS are self-drive safaris. The idea is to either bring your own 

vehicle from home or fly and hire one in Morocco, and travel within the expedition as a 

self sufficient unit, with your own camping equipment, cooking facilities etc, but with the full support and back-up of DID Extreme Expeditions.

WHEN BOOKING ON you will speak to one of our expedition leaders in our Norwegian office who will discuss fully with you how the safaris work and the different routes available. DID Extreme Expeditions want to ensure this Adventure Safari is the best holiday you have ever had, and this means careful planning from the outset.

ONCE YOU ARE BOOKED ON you have access to our pre-trip information service, and DID Extreme Expeditions will advise you on vehicle preparation, what equipment you need and will manage any red tape involved in getting either you or your vehicle safely into and out of Morocco.

ALL TRIPS BEGIN NEAR GIBRALTAR The choice of route to southern Spain is of 

course yours, but DID Extreme Expeditions can advise you of the options available.

10-12 WEEKS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE you will receive the finalised itinerary, and full 

info pack (around 20 pages) confirming all the arrangements for meeting up, and 

providing important background information about your holiday and the country you will be travelling in.

FLY DRIVE clients can fly into Marrakech, where they will collect their vehicle and equipment, and be accompanied until they join up with the safari group.

WE TRAVEL IN A CONVOY of a maximum of 10 vehicles. For the WHOLE of the safari the group will be led by a DID Extreme Expeditions leader, accompanied by their Moroccan guide, travelling in one of their fully equipped escort vehicles. Between them the crew will speak most European languages, Arabic and the local dialects.

TOTAL MILEAGE in Morocco will be about 2500 kilomiters. Daily mileage will vary between 100k and 300k although there are built in rest days with no driving. On the first and final days of the safari about 400k might be be covered as we travel through the Northern areas of the country

DRIVING CONDITIONS will include metalled road, forestry tracks, rocky mountain 

passes, riverbeds, sand, dried salt lakes, desert piste and plains. Any 4x4 vehicle in 

good condition is ideal for this, and should cope admirally with our routes.

DAYS 'ON THE ROAD' will be leisurely in pace starting about 0800 hrs and ending 

about 1600hrs. There will be stops to buy provisions, for photos and sight-seeing, and 

breaks for lunch and snacks; at times we may only travel for half a day and there will be a least 2 non-driving days (if you choose)

OUR ACCOMMODATION will normally be under canvas, sometimes on sites with full 

facilities while others will be in the wilderness. DID Extreme Expeditions will cover all campsite costs. Sometimes it may be possible to upgrade and take a room at a modest cost in an Auberge, and occasionally when we are in a city a hotel becomes a necessity.

FOOD can be bought locally on route; most days we can get fresh bread and water and in the villages and towns there are usually markets offering a wide variety of fresh meat, fruit and vegetables - don't worry the Trailmasters crew will help and advise with shopping! Sometimes during the day we might stop at a cafe, and in the evening, some camp-sites will have restaurants, where you can sample the local cuisine if you choose.

COMMUNICATING with other vehicles while on the road is done via C.B. Radio. 

Morocco has a new and extensive mobile phone network, and provided you have a dual band mobile you will be able to contact Europe.

WE KNOW that your holiday represents both a major event and a significant financial 

outlay. So, from are organisation we are only working with the best partners that has been operating in Morocco since 1982 you get much more than just promises. We are 

completely confident that no other organisation and are partner, wherever based can beat us for value, quality, content, safety and security.


Please right-hand click on picture booking form bellow and " Save image as".

Please fill in all information and send back by email to:


DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS SAFARI BOOKING TERMS and CONDITIONS (Form TM/MAS/325) Bookings can only be accepted by DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS subject to the following conditions. 

A) The terms and conditions of any other company utilised by DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS in the formation of our travel Safaris will apply in addition to these terms and conditions. 

B) A deposit of 250 Euro per person must be paid at the time of booking with the balance to be paid not later than 8 weeks before the date of departure. The booking will be cancelled if the outstanding amounts are not received before the date due. Cancellation charges will then apply. A late booking , one less than 8 weeks before departure will require full payment at the time of booking. 

C) The person who signs the DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS booking form does so on behalf of all those listed on it and is responsible for ensuring that all those listed have read the booking Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them. 

D) When the completed Booking Form together with the required deposits have been received the reservation will be confirmed by DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS in writing. 

E) The following charges will apply following written cancellation by a client. 10+ weeks before departure
6-10 weeks before departure 50% 0-6 weeks before departure 100%

1) The terms and conditions in the event of cancellation by any other company utilised by DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS will also apply. 

2) If DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS are compelled to cancel a Safari before departure a full refund of all moneys paid to DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS
will be made. This will only occur in circumstances outside the control of DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS or if the minimum number of 8 client vehicles is not achieved also if geophysical or climatic conditions in the opinion of DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS may have a detrimental effect on the Safari group. Notification of any such cancellation will be given up to 8 weeks before departure. 

3) If war, threat of war, civil unrest, strikes, terrorist activity, client action or any other event outside the control of DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS delays, alters, impacts or extends the Safari DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS cannot accept responsibility or liability for any resulting loss, expense or damage and no refunds will be made. 

4) You may cancel and transfer to another (subject to availability) Safari, within the current season, without penalty providing at least 6 weeks notice is given. 

F) Mechanical assistance by the DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS Support Team will be limited to assisting in the recovery of the client vehicle to the nearest point of assistance, major town or garage. However every effort will be made to assist in facilitating on-site or on route repairs. In the event of the mechanical breakdown of a client vehicle due consideration must be given to the whole group and to the continuation of the Safari. This may involve the client opting for various continuation arrangements and/or later recovery of the vehicle. Details are available on request. 

G) Medical assistance will be limited to Advice and Guidance, First Aid and Recovery to the nearest point of assistance from regular medical services.
A comprehensive first aid kit must be carried in the clients vehicle. It is a CONDITION OF BOOKING that you have secured comprehensive personal travel insurance for the Safari and except that no accident, injury or loss liability whatsoever lies with DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS You will be asked to provide details of your travel/health insurance before departure. 

H) DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS will NOT increase prices quoted at the time of booking but reserve the right to change service suppliers, information pack, brochure, route or itinerary whilst still maintaining the essential spirit of the Safari. 

I) DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS will use its best endeavours to ensure that none of the ingredients of your Safari will be altered. However, because arrangements are made many months ahead of departure and because of the unpredictability of travel in some areas, certain local facilities and/or routes may not be available during the Safari. DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS SAFARIS enter some of the more remote regions of North Africa and are not ordinary package holidays and are not for people who cannot tolerate unpredictable situations or the unexpected. DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS cannot accept any responsibility for such occurrences and if in doubt then please do not book your holiday with DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS. 

J) Should any client, vehicle or action, in the opinion of the DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS Safari Leader, be considered prejudicial to the integrity, safety, security or any other aspect of the Safari the client concerned will not be allowed to continue, and no refund of money will be made. 

K) The minimum requisite number of participants is 8 client vehicles, if this number is not achieved DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS reserve the right to cancel. 

L) In the event of a complaint the on-site Safari Leader must be informed immediately to ensure on the spot rectification whenever possible. In any event complaints should be made to DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS in writing, within 14 days of the Safari end. 

M) Signing the DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS booking form means that you, and other members of your party have read this document (TM/MAS/325), including the “Important Information Before Booking” section that follows, received the current brochure and that you are in full agreement with the contents of all the aforementioned. 

N) Information given in all brochures, leaflets and advertising is given in good faith by DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS at the time of print, but unless specifically stated, shall not form any part of the contract. 

O) DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS reserve the right to refuse a client booking without giving reasons. 

P) BREAKAWAY: If for any reason individual clients, parts of or the entire group wish to divert, explore or leave the remaining group or depart from the set itinerary or agreed route, the Safari Leader MUST BE INFORMED. Thereupon and unless expressly agreed those client/s involved will no longer be the responsibility of DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS or their staff either during the period of their absence or for the remainder of the Safari, and no refund of money will be given. 

P) This contract and the conditions therein shall be governed by the Laws of NORWAY. 


STARTING POINT/ ROUTES AND ITINERARIES: All Moroccan Safari dates are from ALGECIRAS (nr Gibraltar) , Southern Spain. Exact location and details will be provided in good time. No two Safaris are ever the same. Although we intend following the routes broadly detailed in our pre trip itinerary, we sometimes change our day to day route for a variety of reasons: climate, road and track conditions, if political or security conditions demand, or if so directed by legal authorities. Also, we may simply find that unexpected hospitality, a local festival can determine our exact route and itinerary, making each Safari unique. In the latter case full agreement from the entire group will be sort. We must emphasise that the proposed routes and itineraries described in our pre Safari information are statements of intention only. When booking a Safari you must accept that the itinerary and route may vary from that described. Please bear in mind that it is not always possible to let you know of any changes to the itinerary- especially if you are reading Safari destinations many months before travelling - until commencement of the Safari. 

SECURITY & FOREIGN OFFICE ADVICE: The British Foreign Office provides reports about the political and security situation in Morocco. DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS will supply information on request. However, if you are concerned about any political or security situation you should contact your own governments travel advice department. The Moroccan tourist office telephone number is 0207 437 0073. 

PASSENGER ACCIDENT INSURANCE: All Motor and Activity Sports can be hazardous and you should be aware of this prior to booking. Vehicle insurance, purchased at the Moroccan border, includes either very limited passenger accident liability or none at all, and provides 3rd
Party cover only. 

ACCOMMODATION: Although the concept of a DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS overland 4x4 Safari Holiday is based on camping and Auberge accommodation, every area we visit is different. The type, standard of accommodation and facilities WILL not always be of a western standard and occasionally may be non-existent at some locations, this will certainly be the case at any wilderness camp-sites. This should be taken into account and if in doubt please contact DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS for further information before booking. 

VISAS: At the present time no visas are required for Scandinavia and most European citizens also UK visiting Morocco. Other nationalities should make enquiries or contact DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS for further information at the time of booking. 

PASSPORTS: All clients must be in possession of a full passport. It should be valid for 3 months after the finishing date of the Safari. Your passport should have at least one blank page for the country to be visited. The photo should be easily recognisable as you now appear. If you need a new passport, we urge you to apply in plenty of time. All Passports can take considerable time to be issued at peak time holiday season. 

HEALTH & VACCINATIONS: Vaccinations, immunisation requirements and health recommendations change frequently. You should check with DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS and/or with your own G.P. The Dept of Health issue a “ Health for Travellers” leaflet we recommend your tetanus is up to date, you have Hep A and B vaccinations, and children are vaccinated for Measles ( MMR ). 

THE PRICE OF A DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS SAFARI TO MOROCCO DOES NOT INCLUDE: Day to day food other than meals clearly indicated and included on the itinerary, any hotel/auberge accommodation, optional extras; travel insurance; personal spending; fuel; ferry costs ( UK-Spain and Spain- Morocco); passports; visas; vaccinations; personal taxes and all other items of a personal nature. 

PERSONAL SPENDING: Some people spend very little once on one of our Safaris. Your spending will vary from area to area and depends on the local economy, whether you are in the desert/mountains where it is hard to spend money or in an area where there is a lot to buy. Of course your personal choice and requirements will also have a bearing on your expenses. However as a minimum, you should allow enough personal spending money to cover fuel costs, souvenirs, day to day food and drinks etc. £15 a day per person should cover the cost of food and drinks if purchased in local markets. As a rough guide diesel fuel at the time of writing was between 0,7 EURO and 0,8 EURO per litre. We recommend that you take along an emergency fund that you do not intend to use remembering the need to be repatriated, though these occurrences are very rare. .Credit cards can be useful, but do not rely on them entirely as in some areas you still cannot use them 

CLOTHING & EQUIPMENT: Information on recommended clothing and equipment will be sent in your pre-trip information pack once your booking has been received. Most will be items that you already have and not of a specialist nature. Some you may need to buy i.e. good quality sleeping bag, foam/air mattress etc. 

THE SPIRIT: No DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS 4x4 Holiday Adventure Safari is run on a “Competition, Raid or Rally” style unless otherwise stated. Routes are carefully selected to be varied and exciting but are essentially non damaging for a standard production 4x4 vehicle. However DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS cannot be held responsible for “driver error”, reckless driving or manoeuvres where due care was not given or for acts of a deliberately destructive nature. Clients are urged to respect both the environment and inhabitants when in the country of destination. DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS are unable to involve themselves in legal matters involving clients, other than notification to the appropriate consulate and notification to next of kin, particularly where the client is clearly at fault e.g drug related matters. DID EXTREME EXPEDITIONS prime concern is that you experience a unique and exceptional holiday and have put together an effective infrastructure and itinerary to ensure this. Your willingness to participate and co-operate is essential to the success of the trip and for the enjoyment of all those taking part. 

RULES: Other than the booking contract and conditions therein there are very few “Rules”. Your expedition Leader will, at the commencement of the Safari/Trip, cover any known alterations to the itinerary and the expected codes of practice.