About DID Extreme Expeditions

Owner; David Inge Daigle In Sahara 2017.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.


The fonders name David Inge Daigle. As the Initials state; DID.

Adventures has always been on the Extreme side, Expeditions always calling his name.... as of that came the holding name:




For the last 20 years the experience of travel to over a 100 destinations and expeditions  has lead us to many branding partners as DID is also a branding ambassador for many of them.(Look at "Partners" on are site)


DID has been a Norwegian climbing Champion back in 1997,  also 2nd best is Scandinavia, Summer Olympics Russia and World Champion ships ranking 18/100. He also climbed Aconcagua at 6.962m! After many years on the National team he gave it up for many  new adventures like; Dog sledding for 5 years,free ride skiing, white river kayaking,technical climbing,hunting,competition shooting,mountain guiding, wild water canyon safari guide and not the least his Military specialforces background is just some of the key experiences that showes the kind of drive power DID pursue in everything he does...


Extreme exelence and moral balance of playing hard and fair is something that is remembered when dealing with DID Extreme Expeditions.


Feel safe and in good hands when joinig DID Extreme Expeditions Adventures!

With kind regards

David Inge Daigle